Anushya Enterprises- Tata Sky New Connection

Tata Sky Tiruvallur

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Anushya Enterprises- Tata Sky New Connection

Tata Sky Tiruvallur

Contact Us +91 9043743890 Phone+91 9282335555
Anushya Enterprises- Tata Sky New Connection

Best DTH Connection Tiruvallur

Contact Us +91 9043743890 Phone+91 9282335555


Tata Sky New Connection in Tiruvallur

Tata Sky SD Box Rs.1499/-


  • 24x7 at Your Service
  • DVD picture quality & CD quality sound
  • Quality Viewing
  • Showcase Movies
  • Pay for What You Watch

Tata Sky New Connection in Tiruvallur

Tata Sky HD box Rs.1599/-


  • Enjoy The good Definition Experience with 1080i resolution
  • Dolby Digital Surround
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • HD channels

Tata Sky New Connection in Tiruvallur

Tata Sky HD Recording Box Rs.4999/-


  • Record 500 GB of your favourite shows and movies
  • Rewind. Forward. Pause Play it your way
  • Series Recording
  • 1080i High Definition
  • 16:9 wide aspect ratio
  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound
  • Record from Mobile & Internet

Tata Sky New Connection in Tiruvallur

Tata Sky 4K Set up Box Rs.6400/-


  • Seamlessly watch between live TV and Apps
  • Chromecast built-in and more!
  • Access content of the past 7 days
  • Voice Search remote powered by Google Assistant
  • Multiple Recharge Options

Tata Sky New Connection in Tiruvallur

Tata Sky Android Box Rs.2499/-


  • Seamlessly watch between live TV and Apps
  • Access content of the past 7 days
  • Chromecast built-in and more!

Tata Sky New Connection in Tiruvallur
Tata Sky New Connection in Tiruvallur

Normal Tata Sky Box (SD-DVD quality):

New plans and DTH connection offers for 6 months and a 1-year subscription for the SD and HD box are available. Normal box (SD-DVD image quality) The 1-year subscription comes around RS. 2999 / - Only. More than 250 channels will come. After 1 time, the same recharge comes from the package comes RS. 2160 / -And for 6 months RS. 1080 / -OR by the annual means RS. 180 / -

Tata Sky HD Box (High Definition Screen):

Display of high description, Dolby Digital sound. The new HD connection of Tata Sky takes the view of the television to a new experience with the new Thalaiva package. Details of the new connection price for the HD box (Thalaiva Return of 2.0) 6-month subscription around RS. 2149 / - Only the same channels of 250, 7 HD channels, children, knowledge, sports, will come. After 6 months, the same recharge is around RS. 1251 / -B and again 6 months. By annual RS. 201/ - only. Tata Sky presents the Thalaiva package with 43 channels to RS 209 per month It is a specific six-year package and region newspaper for new and being HD drug addicts (only recharged). Once the connection is completed, the Stoner can also be free to modify your package. While you need this offer, you need to correspond a new offline connection through an authorized Tata Sky dealer near you.

Tata Sky New Connection in Tiruvallur

Why did you choose Tata Sky DTH's new connection in Tiruvallur? - On the basis that it is extremely simple for the endorsements of having a harmonious recreation slice.
Tata Sky DTH along with your guests with elegant content around the world, is available with the correct budget on any screen at any time, anywhere.

Anushya Enterprises, one of the elegant DTH service providers in Tiruvallur. Comparing another DTH, Tata Sky is the elegant D2H in Tiruvallur. Tata Sky DTH offers different types of set boxes, similar to SD, enjoy the quality image of DVD, HD-High-description. Display, HD Record and Enjoy your favorite pause, playback, and recording options, 4K Ultra, Android Box at an aspect rate of 16:9 and 1080i Resolution guarantees an advanced viewing experience as the view of the home cinema with Tata Sky DTH. Tata Sky offers multiple connection options where you can get up to 1 more connection in your home with a single lower plate and fresh loads. The conception of a single plate is not available for separate composites, it is only for the same structure. The consultancy is not delivered in Tata Sky. Packages are available according to customers' requirements. Free chain of 10 m, 12-month warranty, and free installation within 4 hours. Bond only for the configuration box. Reinstall (without guarantee) Charges take RS. 300 / - Guests have to exclude all effects. Live television in 2 mobile biases, you must need an Internet connection.

Tata Sky Non-ODU HD Connection:

Tata Sky Proudly Introduces Non-ODU HD New Connection for other Network users. For this HD Connection Set-Top-Box, and Remote gave, this will come for a 6-months subscription also. The price for this is Rs.1750/- No Dish, Cable for this option. Whatever Dish you have easily moved onto Tata Sky for that the Antenna can be changed to Tata Sky Direction. That's it.

Tata Sky recording box (HD - PVR):

Enjoy your shows more as the features prepare for the future. Live registration and television in the mobile operation Tata Sky also sees it in its adaptation box with numerous spaces. TATA SKY NEW CONNECTION Number of me, the only ones and unique companies of Anushya, the elegant provider of DTH in Tiruvallur. Currently, reporters have received a need in our lives. Therefore, guests can not miss any of their programs as desired. However, also Tata Sky HD PVR Box is an elegant trade of offers due to two reasons if you are going to record programs or images on your television. The first thing is, as mentioned, Tata Sky HD PVR comes with an internal hard drive of 500 GB that has a lot of space in the warehouse.

Second, there is an excellent point called soundtrack series that helps save numerous programs on a particular channel. Guests can break, play and record up to 3 shows. The maternal control is available, the automatic buttress mode, 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, and 3D comfortable. The complete package with an RS MRP. 4999 / - Then, take the offer before losing the occasion.

What is the Tata Sky Android (Binge) box and why should I have used it and what are their characteristics?

Tata Sky Binge Android Set-Top-Box at a price of RS.2499 / - Look both live and TV and OTT content (when connected to the Internet) for this connection, a broadband connection is a must. Internal capacity of the 8 GB INBUILD warehouse so you can see TV channels and entertainment operations on a single screen with a universal remote control. Endless entertainment with 9 entertainment decoration operations and more than 600 television channels in 12 languages. The remote control by the Google Assistant Voice-Enabled allows you to discover new content fluently. 7 days to get your favorite TV shows also convey TV to phone entertainment. Bluetooth connectivity to headphones and speakers. Chromecast, Amazon Firestick comes under construction with this image and is free for 3 months at no new cost after needing it, it can be recharged and used.

Tata Sky Ultra HD 4K Box:

Tata Sky New Connection Price Details for Ultra HD 4K Set-Top-Top-Box around Rs.6400/- comes with the full package. 1- Year Warranty, Demitasse Clarity View available only on 4K television. Tata Sky 4K leads to an inconceivable position at a resolution of 3840 x 2160, which means 4 times comes with pixels Full HD. Book soon for the unborn adaptation box with an unstoppable price of Anushya companies, the new Elegant DTH connection provider.

Tata Sky Services:

TATA SKY SERVICES Take your entertainment and literacy to a completely new position. Tata Sky Romance, Tata Sky Fitness, Tata Sky Aradhana, Tata Sky Family Health, Tata Sky Cooking, Tata Sky English, Tata Sky Smart Manager, Tata Sky Fun Learn, Tata Sky Seniors, Tata Sky Seniors, Tata Sky Vedi Mathematics, Tata Sky Darshan, Tata Sky Dance Studio, full trainer to help you learn and perform better.

Vedantu offers a single platform for academics and medication class testing in a live and interactive format.

Why Tata Sky DTH?

It's time to change your television network. Because Tata Sky offers numerous entertainment channels at the smallest price. Then, the companies of Anushya, the right place to get a new Tata Sky connection in the vicinity of Tiruvallur. The package review, boot any channel or deactivation, new connection, recharge offers, and plans are also available on our platform. 24 hours of customer support in 13 languages. So Tata Sky is a true value for your savings.

Why choose your Tata Sky new connection in Tiruvallur?

  • Complete DTH arrangements supplier in Tiruvallur
  • Direct sales authority
  • Same day delivery
  • Cash on delivery / online payment.

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With great picture quality, incredibly vivid colours, sharper images and stunning surround sound, Tata Sky HD takes TV viewing to a whole new level. An aspect ratio of 16:9 and 1080i resolution ensures an enhanced viewing experience.


Tata Sky SD Connetion You can upgrade your current set top box by either getting in touch with the Tata Sky Helpline or by visiting your nearest Tata Sky Authorized Partner. Please mention your subscriber ID while asking for an upgrade & check for offers


The service warranty of 3 years is not valid in case the STB has been tampered with or damaged by the subscriber


Tata Sky Android Box Tata Sky Binge+ (Android Box) combines the benefits of DTH and OTT enabling the subscriber to watch both linear channels (broadcasted via satellite) and OTT content (via internet) from popular apps on a single screen.